The Sin of Disobedience

It’s almost very easy for us to be quick to dismiss the instructions of God when He ask us to do something.It’s very easy to say, ‘’Lord I’m not ready, send someone else’’. It is sometimes easy to say, ‘’Lord I’m not doing’’ or ‘’Lord, that instruction wasn’t meant for me’’. But have you thought about what the consequence of not obeying God’s instruction can look like? Have you thought of the generations that will suffer just because you decided on your own freewill not to obey God?

Hello everyone 😃😄. Happy new month. Welcome to August; the month of new beginning🔘🔘. I’m grateful to God for your life and the privilege to see this new month. I’m thankful that despite everything going on around the world, the Lord has kept you till this point. You’re alive, hale and healthy. All glory to God. Well, today is story time 💃💃💃

There’s so much the Lord is set to do in our lives in the remaining part of this year and all He requires from us is simply our act of obedience. So, this month, we’re going to discuss on the series of “Obedience”. Using a particular story from the bible, we’re going to be talking about how grave the sin of disobedience can be.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Achan, who disobeyed God. Previously, when the Israelites were going to destroy the city of Jericho, the Lord gave them an instruction that some items should be set apart from destruction and no one should take any of the things set from destruction, else the person be destroyed and also bring destruction upon the Israelites. After, the destruction of Jericho, the Israelites had to go to war against the people of Ai and they were defeated. The Israelites who were undefeatable and a terror to everyone now became the defeated😭😭.

Joshua had to turn to God in the place of prayer to find out the cause of their defeat. It was at this point that the Lord revealed to him that someone had disobeyed the instruction He (God) gave to them and if the person is not discovered, the Israelites would be in for more destructions from God🙆🙆. After thorough search, it was discovered that it was Achan who disobeyed. He took: a beautiful robe, 200 silver coins and a bar of gold weighing more than a pound. You’re probably saying in your mind “what pettiness, he didn’t see something more valuable to steal” right?🤷🤷 I thought the same too. But then stealing is stealing still. The sad thing about it is that it was almost as if he had no need of those things because they were still kept by him in a safe place. Why then did he steal it?😔😔

After the discovery, Achan, members of his households, his property and the things he stole were stoned and burnt. What a sad incident😢😢😢. (Reference: Joshua 6 &7).

In this story, we see how just one sin of disobedience of Achan caused a lot, such as:

  • Israel lost 36 men in battle.
  • He put Israel at the risk of destruction from the Lord.
  • Because of his sin Israel would’ve continued to be defeated in wars.
  • His generation was completely wiped off.
  • He made a land get cursed. Where he and his family were burnt till today is called ‘’the valley of trouble’’

What is that thing that the Lord has been speaking to you about and you’re yet to do?

Have you thought about what the consequence of your disobedience can be?

Do you know the blessings that will come when you obey God?

Have you disobeyed God before and what was the consequence like for you? Kindly, share with us in the comment section and don’t forget to publish your comment🙏.

Thank you so much for your support since this blog started. Thank you for reading constantly. Thank you for telling your friends and loved ones about Zoe. I really appreciate you ❤️. Next week, we’ll continue the series on ‘Obedience’. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends 😊. Have a beautiful month ahead🤗🤗



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