The gift of Men 👫

So, the year is ending and you’re feeling sad that you did not achieve some of your goals for the year.

What if I told you that you were the reason those goals were not achieved?

Yes, you. You are the reason why it wasn’t achieved.

So now, you want to ask me, ‘’How am I the reason?’’

Well, do you remember that time I wrote to you about how I almost got the house burnt and my neighbours came to my aid and averted the havoc? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, hurry now and read the blogpost titled ‘Are your neighbours your friend?’ Well, if you remember, you’re an OG and I really appreciate you for staying through with me on this journey).

So, few days after my birthday, I had a conversation with one of my big Aunty and I remember one of the many things she said to me was ‘You are smart’. Funny, how those words she spoke to me were lifegates to many more ‘You are smart’ afterwards. Also, the conversation from that day shifted and changed a lot of things in my mind and up till now, I’m still not over it.

I got my current job through someone I know. She couldn’t take the offer because it was quite a distance from her place. She reached out to me and asked if I was interested and that was how I ended up having a job.

So, now let me answer the question you were asking me. You’ve decided to ignore the people that were supposed to help you achieve those goals. You are saying ‘How have I ignored them’ right? Simply because, you are Mr ‘I always mind my business’, Miss ‘I don’t like talking to people’, ‘I’m too shy’, etc.

It could have been a mindset default, a link to a connection, a link to a website, few cash or something else that deterred you from achieving that goal.

See I’m not saying that you should relate with people because of what you stand to gain from them or what benefits they can provide for you. I’m just encouraging you today, to VALUE MEN.

Our fellow men are God’s gift to us and we come in contact with them at different point in time for different reasons. Sometimes, you may feel like you know why that person is in your life and ignore all the other things about the person, meanwhile, there’s much more like character development, mindset shift, connection, avoidance of evil, etc that God has embedded in that relationship for you.

I may not be able to explain this topic as much as I understand it to you but I’d like to encourage you to listen to ‘The gift of Men’ by Apostle Joshua Selman. You can get it on YouTube.

Men (both male and female) are assets that needs to be taken care of, appreciated. Our relationships with them needs to be nurtured until it blossoms.

Value your relationship with people.

Much more, pray for the spirit of discernment to know which relationships to nurture and which to let go of.

I pray God will help us and grant us the grace to do better.

Romans 15:5 “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had.”



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