You are a Steward

3 min readMar 23, 2022

Hi everyone. It feels like it’s been forever since I last wrote a blogpost, but it’s only been a week. How are you doing and how’s the journey to the end of 2020 going for you? Before I forget, Happy New Month 😍😍. Welcome to October; the month of possibilities. For me, I choose to believe in possibilities in this month. What about you?

It’s been two months of searching in on God’s word, learning about: being good neighbours, change, confession, Obedience and hearing from God. In case you missed any of my previous blogpost, kindly, read through. And if you’re new on this blog, I want to take this privilege to welcome you. To my OGs, thanks for sticking with me 🤝🤝. You’re loved ❤️.

The goal of Zoe is to help us grow together as Whole and balanced Christians, which is why we’ll be treating topics on other subject matters aside spiritual matters. So, today, we’re starting a journey on finances 💰💰.

It’s not enough for believers to believe that God will provide without us doing what is required of us. It’s important to gain knowledge and seek understanding where it is required.

How would you feel if you gave your younger brother a dog to take care of for a period of time and when it was time for him to return the dog to you, he brought it back to you dead? How would you feel? Sad 😥 right?

The first thing we need to bear in mind as Believers is that we’re God’s stewards. All that we have and own belongs to God. He is the actual owner of all the resources, He only entrusted it in our care. He gives to each of us according to our abilities and gift. He doesn’t give more than we can handle, as we see in the story in the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14–30. The more we increase in our ability to manage resources, the more God entrusts us with resources. Now, even beyond resources, the more you can handle tasks/assignments, the more God gives you. And how well you manage a resource given to you will determine if you’ll get more or not.

The same way you feel sad about your dead dog is the same way God feels when he gives us resources to manage or use for a purpose and we’re unable to fulfil that purpose. The moment your younger brother begins to consciously remind himself that the dog doesn’t belong to him but to you and that he will have to produce a living dog to you, He’ll begin to take proper care of it. So also it is with us and God, when we become conscious of our stewardship, we will begin to pay attention to seeking direction from the giver of the resources (who is God) on how to use the resources, what to use it for, how to take care of it, e.t.c. The fact that He gave it to you doesn’t mean you use it anyhow.

You need to learn to be accountable to God; on what to do with it, how to use it and what He’ll have you do with it. God is the owner, You are only a steward.

Do you find yourself in a situation where it seems like money is running far from you or resources are not readily available to you? Maybe, you need to check how well you’ve been making use of resources previously given to you. You need to question how well you’ve been stewarding the resources in your custody. Search yourself today and make an amend😊.

Thanks again for sticking till the end of this post🤗. I appreciate you 😍.

See you next week 😘.