Hello everyone and welcome to the month of September; the month of Birthing. It is my prayer that the Lord will grant you the grace to hear Him and be obedient to Him in order to birth all that He has in store for you in Jesus name🙏🙏.


In our just-concluded series on ‘’Obedience’’, I mentioned that one of the requirement of Obedience is our ability to hear God. And in this month, I’m going to be talking on the series of hearing God. Until, we can hear God and know His instructions, we’ll be incapable of obeying it.

In my 300level, I had just joined a group of friends in an intercessory group and it seemed like every one in the group could hear God except me😢. It was so interesting that they even talked about the Holyspirit smiling at them, hugging them, being angry with them and all the emotions that you can think of. Some of them even had a special name for the Holyspirit: ‘’HS’’,’’MY LOVER’’ and the likes. It was as if I was set up for oppression😭😭. And almost every time, I always asked the question: “Can I also hear God like this people’’. I got my clearest answer on the day that I kept on talking and screaming for more than two hours (Don’t even ask me what happened that day🙈. Not everyone will have the same experience though, yours might have been gentle😊😊).

Every believer has the ability to hear God. As long as you’re born again, You’re 100% qualified to hear God’s voice and to be in a relationship with Him. John 10:27 KJV ‘’My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.’

Are you God’s sheep? If yes, then you’ve an ability to hear God’s voice.

An understanding and acceptance of your identity in Christ will help you hear God’s voice more. Romans 8:15–16 NLT ‘’So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s spirit when He adopted you as His own children. Now we call Him ’Abba Father’. For his spirit joins with our spirit to affirm that we are God’s children’’. I’ve been affirmed as God’s child and so also have you. So, as a child of God, you can hear God.

God really wants to talk to us more than we think we want to talk with Him. He’s interested in a relationship and intimacy with us. If you’re still unable to hear God’s voice, It’s either you’ve not come to a realisation of your identity in Christ or you have a difficulty in recognising that it’s God speaking to you or maybe you are doing a lot of talking than listening.

I’d like to advise that you spend more time in the place of prayer asking God for what He has to share with you or ask Him a question that’s being bothering you, then patiently and quietly wait for Him to respond.

I’d like you to think about this words from Mary Ruth Swope over and over, you can even even write it out if you need to, ‘’Communion with God in prayer is the high privilege of every believer who delights in fellowship with the Almighty. Listening, however, is an art that must be cultivated and developed. It is God’s business to speak to us. It is our business to be still and listen’’.

If you’ve been hearing God before now, what was your first experience of hearing God like? Kindly,share with us in the comment section 😉😉.

So, you probably read through this post and you’re thinking ‘’So now I know that I’ve the ability to hear God’s voice, how then do I start or go about it’’. Please don’t miss out on any of the blogpost in this series 🙏🙏, so you can learn more and kindly share with your friends too 😉😉.

Have a Blissful month ahead 😍. See you next week🤗.



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