God has been faithful to me

3 min readMay 21, 2024


*Dusts cobweb*

God loves me

It’s so good to be finally back.

Happy new month (Lol in the 3rd week) 🤣🤣

How have we been? How has life been for you generally?

Funny how the last time I wrote here, I talked about the love of God and thankfully today, I’m writing about God’s love and faithfulness towards me.

Why have I been away?

It started off with me losing track of the days of the week and getting choked with work, but it graduated to me fighting for my life.

On Tuesday, the 7th of May, I walked into the hospital because, from sometime around 11 am that day, my body had been itching and it was gradually getting worse. As soon as the doctor saw me, he referred me to the emergency room because of how much I was itching and the bumps on my body. At the emergency, I was given some injections and was told I’d be admitted for monitoring till the next day. Only if I knew it wasn’t going to be just the next day.

In the next two days that followed, I would itch and have bumps, be injected, the injection would wear out, and the cycle would start again. By Friday, I was no longer itching or having bumps, so I finally got discharged.

I was finally happy to be back home. At home, I had dinner, took a shower and slept. By midnight, I was struggling to breathe as it felt like something was stuck in my throat. My body was gradually beginning to swell and I was in pain. All I could think about was prayer, and then I played a sermon titled “Healed as You Go” by Bishop Mike Okonkwo. After the sermon, I kept praying till I slept off.

By morning, the swelling had increased and the pain had gotten worse. I couldn’t move from point A to point B without limping. I couldn’t turn myself on the bed. No one could touch me because of how much pain I was in. At first, my mum was reluctant to get me back to the hospital because, at the point of my discharge on Friday, there was no concrete diagnosis as to why I was itching initially. they all just kept saying it was an allergic reaction, but what I was allergic to, they were unable to tell.

I eventually made it back to the hospital, where I was admitted again. This time, the HOD of medicine in the hospital was on the case and a series of tests went back-to-back. Several chuckings and blood samples were collected. My body was just full of injection marks. While there, I had other diagnoses: Low potassium level, low blood pressure, etc.

Eventually, after several questions, one of the doctors could trace one of the things I was allergic to because, even now, it’s still not concrete as they are naming two culprits.

I just want to thank God for His healing power and His faithfulness. I want to thank God for showing His love towards me and not letting the matter escalate beyond that. I could’ve choked to death that midnight but God said No. I want to thank Him for preserving my life through this entire experience. God loves me and this I know.

If you’re doubting God’s love for you, I want this testimony to serve as your reminder that God loves you. He cares for you and YOU MATTER TO HIM.

See you soon 🤗🤗