Dear God 😭

Dear God,

Why doesn’t money fall from heaven or grow on trees like we really say? 😓

I know that all things are possible for You, so why don’t you make that possible? 🥺

All my life, most of my struggles and life challenges have been centered around money and the things that I need it for. My parents struggled to put me through Primary school. In secondary school, I missed at least one term in each session just because they couldn’t afford to pay my school fees. Waec? I paid for it the day the registration was closing through teeth and nails. Did I pass? Yes, I did. I had the best result in my class.

University? I didn’t even want to make an attempt to get in because I wasn’t ready for the rollercoaster of what money will make me go through. But everytime I think about the kind of life and future I want for myself, I saw the need to find my way into university. I wrote the exams and passed. Passing an exam wasn’t a challenge, money was always the challenge. Did I get the admission? Yes I did but almost lost it because of money. I was at the verge of giving up the admission when you; God showed up for me 😊. Every session had its own challenge (accommodation, feeding, school fees, class materials, etc) 🤦 but eventually, I graduated after having an extra session added because I couldn’t afford to pay the school fees.

‘’Graduate with a First Class, life will become easier’’, they said. If only that was the truth 😭. I did, but where did I end up? On the street with tattered clothes, damaged shoes and a wrinkled face after 6years 😓😢😥. I’m still on the search for a job simply because I can’t afford to pay any money to get myself a job and my parents also don’t have the ‘connection’ needed to get me a job either.

God, all I ask is that You make money fall down from heaven because of me 🙏. I ask that you make trees grow real and visible cash because of me 🥺. I ask that you take me out of this cycle that money is making me go through. I ask that you provide a good job that’ll bring me and my family out of this ‘money disaster’. I’ve read letters here that highlight your goodness and faithfulness which I’m not going to deny, but much more I need You to do for me and my family. Thank You God because I know you’ve heard me and will answer me speedily, in Jesus name. Amen 🙏.

Your troubled son.





God, Life, Purpose

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God, Life, Purpose

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