Dear God ❤️

Dear God,

How are you doing?

I’m writing this letter to you to say a big ‘’Thank you’’ to You. Thank You for being an amazing Father, friend, comforter, director, champion, healer, provider, protector, security, shield, wound-soother, secret whisperer and every other thing that you are to me 🤗🤗.

I see what You’re doing with my life and I cannot but appreciate You 🤭. Thank You for Your hands upon me. Thank You for Your favour that continues to shine upon me. Thank You for your mercies that’s ever new. Thank You because even when I don’t see that You are working, You never stop working in my life. Thank You because even when I stumble and get into my own skin, You reach out to me and your loving hands lift me up again.

Thank You for the times that I failed to see the things you were doing ☹️. Thank you for your amazing love upon me. Thank You for even the times when I took your love for granted, instead of You to neglect me, You kept pouring more and more of your love on me ❤️. Thank you for how you carefully unveil things to me so that I don’t feel overwhelmed. Thank You for the skills, giftings and abilities that you’ve given to me to be able to shine as a light in the world and make formidabble impact.

Thank you for Your peace that passeth all understanding. That overflowing peace that comforts me in the midst of struggles, pains and disappointment. Thank You Father for: the hand that wraps itself around me when I’m cold, the face that looks upon me with so much love and affection, the hands that holds me through the walk of life, the leg with which we walk the walk of life together, the heart that has me topmost of His thought. Thank You Jesus 🥰.

I’ve more than enough reason to say Thank You to You God ❤️. THANK YOU FATHER ❤️🥰😘😍.

Your daughter,

O.D ❤️

N:B: First of all, ‘Happy New Month’. Welcome to September 💃💃💃💃.

In the month of September and the months after, we’ll be having a series called ‘’Dear God’’. This series is to help us pour out our hearts to God in the best way we want to. You can write about anything and everything. The major idea is that you’re writing to God as a friend and a physical person. If you could see God right now, what do you want to say to him? Write it as a letter to him.

I’d be welcoming letters from as many people that will be willing to share their letters with me. Just as I shared mine and wrote my initial at the end of this letter, I’d be doing the same for your letters. So, you remain anonymous when I share it plus your secret is safe with me 😉. To everyone that would like to share their letters with me, kindly send it to with the subject ‘’Dear God’’.

Thanks, I look forward to going on this journey with you all 😍. Have a beautiful month ahead 🤗🤗.



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