Be You, Be Godly

I want to believe I’m not the only Christian, especially young Christians that find themselves in a situation where they have or are unconsciously building multiple personalities for themselves.

It has happened for various reasons like peer pressure “I don’t want them to see me as being too Godly or holy”

Or for me, when I’m about to write a Blogpost and I really don’t have any scripture to insert but because in my conscious mind “It’s a Christian blog, why will they not be a scripture” and then I go-ahead to put it in or in situations where I don’t exactly have a scriptural message to write but I make it come forth because “It’s a Christian blog”

It happens to all of us. At different stages where we don’t think our “Godly” self should come out too much or we even want it to be very obvious to some people so they can see us as religious.

It doesn’t have to be. We can still be us and Christ will be revealed. We can still show forth our personalities and people will still know that we’re believers. We can still live our lives as we love without having to stage it at any point in time.

The degree to which we draw closer to God is what can help us achieve this. There’s a level to which we absorb the person of Christ that we don’t have to stage for anyone. There’s a level to which the word of God will find its root in us so that we’ll be able to be Godly naturally.

What’s your story?

Do you already have multiple personalities?
What has made you have multiple personalities?

How are you dealing with it?



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