Are your neighbors your friends?

4 min readMar 23, 2022

Normally, when you hear the word ‘’Neighbour’’, most times, it’s always relating to friend and acquaintances but today, we would be talking about the neighbour that lives close to you. Yes, you know that neighbor that doesn’t greet u every morning, that neighbour that frowns at you daily, you know that one am talking about. Shey you remember him? Eehnn that one that his name is coming to your mind😂😂

Wow!!! I was overwhelmed by the love shown to me for my birthday and the launch of Zoe🤭🤭. Thanks so much everyone for the love, prayers, encouragements and wishes. I really appreciate you🤗🤗. May the Lord honour you. Now, Let’s get to the matter for the day🤸🤸.

A lot of us live in places and we do not have any association whatsoever with our neighbours. We just sleep, wake up, go out and come back. Some of us even behave like Zombies🧟. At the end of the day, we have so many excuses to justify our act, like: ‘I’m not a friendly or talking person’, ‘I live in a neighbourhood where we all mind our business’, ‘I’m busy’ and every other kind of excuses that you can think of🙄🙄🙄. Well, in case, you don’t know, when the Bible talked about ‘loving our neighbours’, it didn’t specify on the set of people who are our neighbours. Yes, you heard me right🙄. Neighbours include everyone ranging from people living next door, friends, families and loved ones. I’d be sharing my recent experience with you that made me value relationship with my neighbour.

On Friday last week, after two days of no electricity, I had to go see a family who lived two streets away so I could charge my phone. I decided to warm the stew that we cooked the previous day before stepping out, so I put it on the gas. In a haste to get there before my phone finally goes off, I forgot to put off the gas and I stepped out🙈🙈. Don’t even ask me how I forgot because even me I don’t know🤷🤷.

An hour or two later, while chilling and gisting, I got a call that there was flame coming out from my kitchen 🙆🙆. Just then, my beautiful mind remembered I was warming stew before leaving the house. So, I started the marathon race 😢😢 to my house. It was a very hard one as I had not ran in a while😅. When I got home, the whole neighbourhood was in front of my compound🙆🙆. With lashings and questions, I opened the house and we were able to put off the fire but my precious stew was completely gone😭😭😭. Meanwhile, someone had called my mum that the house was on fire (people and exaggeration though)😤

I remember another occasion when I was 7. I did oversabi and crossed the road on my own and a car from one end and a bike from another end hit me😭😭😭. Thank God for the neighbors around since the accident wasn’t far from my house. They were the ones that prevented the bike man from running away and ensured I got my broken leg and nose fixed😢😢.

Imagine for a second that my family doesn’t talk to anyone in the neighbourhood.

Imagine that we had been troublemakers with everyone in the neighbourhood.

Imagine that no one in the neighbourhood had our contacts.

Imagine the damage and havoc that would’ve happened.

Maybe I’d be here today asking you to raise funds for me or you wouldn’t have met me because of that accident. God forbid that didn’t happen😊😊.

We don’t have the best neighbours or the best relationships with our neighbours but see how our little effort (You know how African Mothers will make you greet the entire neighbourhood and ask you to buy things from them…those their petty requests🤦🤦) saved us. I’m grateful to God that it was just my pot of stew that was damaged.

But think about it:

What if I had no relationship whatsoever with my neighbours?

What if I was a bad neighbour?

What if no one had my contact?

How much havoc do you think would have happened?

Now to you:

What image of you do your neighbours have?

Do you relate with your neighbours?

Can your neighbours come to your rescue in time of need?

Do you have at least one of your neighbour’s contact?

Does at least one of your neighbour have your contact?

Christlike character no pass like this😊. It’s in the little things you do, your relationship with people and how you live that you demonstrate Christ to the world. ‘’So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and the prophet’’-Matthew 7:12.

Thanks for reading till this part. Beyond reading, build a relationship with your neighbours.(its more about you and not your neighbor 😉) I can’t wait to write to you next week again.Kindly, subscribe, so you can get a notification when I post😘. See you soon🤗.